DJ Max 1 is the premiere DJ for any occasion, any event or any setting, be it a bar, restaurant, wedding or graduation. In tune with the most up to date beats such as:

-Flavor of the 60ís, 70ís, 80ís, 90ís
-Reggae and reggaetone
-Indian and chutney
-Old school hip-hop and beyond!

He is guaranteed to make your event an especially memorable event. There is an all inclusive package that includes both music and photography, with a 10% discount if you reserve through this form. If you prefer to call, 845-494-6646 and mention web promo code MAX1 for a 10% discount.

DJ Max 1 also does Caribana in Toronto. Visit for more information.

Contact DJ Max 1 today and letís have a good time!

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